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5 reasons to visit Buenos Aires
22 February, 2016
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What to do in the center of Buenos Aires, 5 minutes away from the Hostel Colonial

Plaza Vaticano

Stepping out the hostel, just a few blocks away is the Teatro Colon, one of the best theatre’s in the world. It is renowned for its acoustic, moreover it has an incredible eclectic 20th century architectural style which makes it an incredible landmark.
If you have the opportunity to go to one of the theatrical performances that take place, we fully recommend it. Here you can see the theatre’s schedule.

Right text to the Teatro Colon is the Plaza Vatican. The main characteristic of this square is that every day, you can find Freewalking tours that take you around the city from 10.30 AM. You can find more information here.
If you have enough time to do one of the walks it is a must in Buenos Aires, you will have the opportunity to learn about the history of all the buildings that you will pass by. The tour guides will explain it during the walking session.

Close to Plaza Vaticano, only 3 blocks away you will find the obelisk of Buenos Aires, one of the most important landmarks of the city.
Remember that everything is less than 7 blocks away from your accommodation in Buenos Aires. The obelisk is between a street called Corrientes and another one called 9 de Julio, which is also famous for being the widest avenue in the world. Corrientes is great to walk through.

What is there to do on this avenue which is just two blocks away from the hostel?

All the main theatres are there such as the Gran Rex, the Teatro Opera, where many events take place every week, here is the schedule of the shows in case you are interested in one of them: http://www.operaallianz.com/cartelera.php.

If you get hungry during the walk, you can find some of the most famous and traditional pizza places of the city such as Pizzería Guerrin, Pizzería el rey y las cuartetas. Before coming back to the hostel you can indulge in a pizza in one of these places that are all very close by, as you will probably need to regain forces before continuing to explore the city! This link will take you to the reviews of these pizzerias.