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What to do in the center of Buenos Aires, 5 minutes away from the Hostel Colonial
22 February, 2016
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5 reasons to visit Buenos Aires

Buenos Aires noche

There are so many reasons to visit Buenos Aires besides tango, football and mate that we made a list of amazing things that will make you come right away to this wonderful city.

1. The Best, and it’s true

Buenos Aires has been elected the best Central and South America destination by readers of the recognized travel web site Condé Nast Traveller , in 2013. And we agree!

2. 365 days of shows per year

150 museums, over 300 theaters, more than 20 cultural centers and 120 galleries that may offer you all sorts of cultural experience, performance and art. Anything you want.

3. A city that never sleeps

The city has all kinds of entertainment to all kinds of tastes, styles, ages and budgets. Over 3.500 restaurants, milongas, casinos, themed bars and clubs to offer you the experience you’re looking for. Night life starts late and finishes early in the morning and anytime of the day you’ll find a kiosko to satisfy your cravings. From dinner, to the “prévia”, to the club, to the after to the breakfast, you WON’T STOP.

4. Arts, crafts and fairs

In every street of Buenos Aires you can find a colorful and cheerful vibe of people gathering at the most famous fairs to buy, sell and experience the traditions of leather, knives, mate, silver, painting, music and much more.

5. Architecture icon

Also known as the Latin-American Europe the city presents a classic architecture recognized by its magnificence and beauty. Influenced by various cultures the city has its unique look that mixes classic, modern and urban in a global way. Impossible not to love it.

Do you need any other reason to come to Buenos Aires and visit us at the Hostel Colonial? We are waiting for you!